Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Hair?

I never really blog about my hair,
but if you don't know-im natural (=
The end of this month will be my 2nd year without having a relaxer and June(My birthday month) Will be my one year being fully natural anniversary
I had a big chop right after my birthday, done by my sister.

My hair was cut at an angle that came above my ears so it basically looks like..this \(^_^)/..make sense?

I always (even during my relaxed days) get bored with my hair so I either dye it, cut bangs, straighten it or get a weave.
So you can guess what the next big thing for my hair was..
thats right, dying it!
I dyed it blonde, though, it didn't come out as blonde as I wanted! Also, I only dye the front of my hair when I do decide to do it, because I always want this part of my hair shorter than the rest and don't mind if it breaks off a bit. 
After that I went through colors like blue(which failed because my hair wasn't lightened enough), pink(which ended up more like fuschia) to my current purple-which is now my favorite! I love purple hair now and will continue to dye the front of my hair purple, I plan to go brighter before my spring semester of school (=

I have really thick hair so its a lot to take care of, but I love it the longer it gets. I live on twist outs- that's pretty much all I do.

Sidenote: Coconut Oil is my Holy Grail of awesomeness, I couldn't live without it
I'll try to make more posts about my hair, color changes, length checks and such

Also, you may notice from my pictures that I don't really wear much makeup if any at all.( I have acne so I try to avoid it)
All I typically use is bb cream, lip gloss/matte lipstick and bronzer, but, i'm getting more into makeup so you'll see more of that soon. ^___^



  1. Hi Hunni, loved the post you wrote. I've actually never died my hair, and was wondering if you could write a post about the process of dying your hair. BTW, I also have black hair :) I added you to my reading list. Feel free to visit my blog.

    1. Why not?It's fun! Oh,, of course- I plan to when I do my purple streak. I'm not the best, but hey lol.
      Thanks for the follow (=.
      I'm trying to follow you, but don't see any follow button on your blog

  2. I just took in that your name is Megan. My bad!

    1. I prefer being called Hunni online, lol, you're fine (=


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