Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hair Update (=

Hey Hunnibees!
I recently dyed my hair so I thought I'd share it with you all (=

I have dark hair and I dislike lifting it more than once every six months so I went for my usual brand Clairol Soy4Plex Pure White developer in 30 volume, previously i've used 40 and came out fine. But I decided to use 30 this time so that my hair that was previously dyed didn't become too damaged.

I always use Kaleidocolors whether I'm coloring my own hair or extensions. I typically use the purple but since I was using volume 30 I wanted to use this one because it lightens 5 levels instead of 4.

(Pictures of my hair after the jump!)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mail Timeeeee: What Came in this week?(1/13-1/19)

As a great man once said
 "Here's the mail that never fails!
It makes me wanna wag my tail!
When it comes I wanna wail...

Yes, this is how I always feel when I get mail (=
so, lets see what we got here!

First I opened earlier this week was a package from People Style Watch,
I found this funny because I was waiting on my full size sample of Clean and Clears product for eons and just gave up on it. But,they sent a ring for forgiveness- And I was just saying I need some gold accessories!

Second I saw this lovely box
How could I not love this box? Im Hunniiii! haha
If you don't know of this logo it is the logo of BzzAgent, another site where you get free product and review it and give your honest opinions in exchange. If you'd like to join comment below and i'll shot you an email (=

What is in this box you may ask?
A cute hydro silk shaver for sensitive skin! It even comes with the holder to attach to the shower Ohhh. :O
Also plenty of coupons and even a coupon for free shaving cream Ahhh. I've tried the regular Hydro Silk before and loved it! The handle is definitely amazing and this will work great with my skin. Can't wait to try this version out (=


My Beauty Diary: Black Pearl Mask Review (=

So my only experience with MBD is having their Arbutin mask months ago but i've been wanting to try their seemingly most famous Black Pearl mask (=
Luckily my sister had a few left and she let me use one ^___^

I have acne and spots on my face if you haven't yet noticed so I always like brightening products to make my complexion more even. I liked the Arbutin masks but one box isn't enough for a real change-just a nice pick me up for special events.

"My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Mask contains natural active ingredient of black pearls which whiten and soften skin. Pineapples, limes, and cucumbers accelerates metabolism of stratum comeum which gently remove dead epidermis cells. Has the ability to restore skin’s resilience and radiance with whitening and softening properties. Recommended for normal skin, especially for those with dull skin lacking elasticity."
Ingredients :
  Water, Butylene Glycol, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium Hyaluronate, Sativus (Pineapple) Fruit Extract, Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) Fruit Extract, Cucumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract, Obiquinone, Laminaria Digitata Extract, Soluble Collagen, Lecithin, Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein, Triethanolamine, Styrene/Acrylates copolymer, Dimethylsilanol Hyaluronate, MEthylparaben, Citric Acid, Hydrolyzed Chonchiolin Protein, Polysorbate 20, Xanthan Gum, Carbomer, Fragrance, Sodium Hydroxide, Potassium Hydroxide

Even from one mask I can see how it can have these results, it definitely brightened my skin and I'm going on the second day! Also my skin felt very soft to the touch. I'll also note that although it says that is is for use on normal skin I still loved it on my oily acne prone skin haha. The mask had plenty of excess serum, which I rubbed on my neck and upper chest. As for the leftover in the bag I clipped it so I could apply it before I sleep tomorrow (=
 I really enjoyed this mask and it reminded me why I loved them!

Lastly, previous to this I did a small order from Sasa which included three boxes of mask, two from one brand so I can see the continued effects and one from a different brand. A wash off pack and my favorite non spf moisturizer!
I can't wait to review them for you guys-well whenever it gets here that is (=

Love, Hunni


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

NYC HD Color Trio Look (:

Hey Hunnibees!
I did a YouTube video on my NYC HD Color Trio I received in my Jolly VoxBox complimentary of Influenster

I have the color Long Beach Sands and found it to be nice for a neutral look. I usually use bronzer so this will be a nice addition to my natural look (:


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Jolly Voxbox Overview!

Hey Hunnibees!
I was so excited to get my second voxbox from influenster, especially around the holidays, it made it that much sweeter.
The Jolly VoxBox contained :
Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer 
NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow 
Ducklings Mini Roll
Skinny Cow Candy

Everyone that knows me, knows the second to first thing I did after opening the box wassss? Dig into the candy, yes, yes I did. Surprisingly the candy tasted just like that other chocolate and peanut butter candy that everyone knows, but that I shall not name. But the fact that the candy was 130 calories in comparison to..okay i'll say it, Reese's somewhat more abundant amount of calories is pretty cool.

Next were the Puffs, perfect timing, because I had developed a bad cold before New Years, Ive been using these for my sniffles and all that jazz- while im in bed and on the go- much cuter than a ball of tissue, eh?

Recently I used the HD Color Trio (Which I will be doing a solo review on) and it was nice, very natural, good for an everyday look.
The Ducklings Mini Roll is cute, I plan to use it to make a cute makeup brush/ sketch pencil holder (=

As for the Rimmel Lip Lacquer, which I was most excited for, I ended up with a not so great color, but won't judge it upon that. I've seen reviews on other colors and it looks amazing, this color just wasn't for me. I'll try to layer it with other lippies though and use this as a finisher!

Hunni <3

Whats The Best Time For Wearing a Sweater?

I never post OOTDs on my blog, but I decided to start..
Hopefully I can get in one a week? I need to purchase a larger quantity of shoes since i'm a converse lover.
Anyways on to yesterdays ootd!

  Here's the outfit on its own

Bart Simpson Sweater-She Inside
Boots- Guess

Here's the outfit on me, had to take a quick pic since it was freezing outside

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Hair?

I never really blog about my hair,
but if you don't know-im natural (=
The end of this month will be my 2nd year without having a relaxer and June(My birthday month) Will be my one year being fully natural anniversary
I had a big chop right after my birthday, done by my sister.

My hair was cut at an angle that came above my ears so it basically looks like..this \(^_^)/..make sense?

I always (even during my relaxed days) get bored with my hair so I either dye it, cut bangs, straighten it or get a weave.
So you can guess what the next big thing for my hair was..
thats right, dying it!
I dyed it blonde, though, it didn't come out as blonde as I wanted! Also, I only dye the front of my hair when I do decide to do it, because I always want this part of my hair shorter than the rest and don't mind if it breaks off a bit. 
After that I went through colors like blue(which failed because my hair wasn't lightened enough), pink(which ended up more like fuschia) to my current purple-which is now my favorite! I love purple hair now and will continue to dye the front of my hair purple, I plan to go brighter before my spring semester of school (=

I have really thick hair so its a lot to take care of, but I love it the longer it gets. I live on twist outs- that's pretty much all I do.

Sidenote: Coconut Oil is my Holy Grail of awesomeness, I couldn't live without it
I'll try to make more posts about my hair, color changes, length checks and such

Also, you may notice from my pictures that I don't really wear much makeup if any at all.( I have acne so I try to avoid it)
All I typically use is bb cream, lip gloss/matte lipstick and bronzer, but, i'm getting more into makeup so you'll see more of that soon. ^___^


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