Monday, December 22, 2014

Twist and Curl Tutorial

Hey hunnibees,
I haven't done a hair post in awhile so I think one is fairly due.
I've been rocking my hair like this lately since I don't like messing with it a lot and have done it two different ways. (wet and stretched by heatless blowdry)
The first time I tried this style I did it wet and these were my results:
It came out okay, but for the wet hair and this style I prefer using Shea moisture curl and style milk and melted shea butter for better results instead of moisturizer and wrap lotion.
Sadly, two days after I got caught in the rain and had to rock it in a puff/bang. Thankfully this style looks great as an updo (=

The other way I do this style is with pre-stretching my hair a bit with a heatless blowdry (note: recently put another purple rinse in my hair so yayyy no more tri color hair lol)

It came out great and lasts longer when its stretched ,which keeps my hands out of my hair (this is always a good thing). My edges have thickened up within the time that I've had this hairstyle since I haven't been messing with it!) 

Have you tried this style? Do you do anything differently? 



  1. Absolutely gorgeous! How many twists do you do and how long do you let it set before unraveling?

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

    1. thanks hun! I do around 16 twists and it depends on if I sit under the dryer or not. Overnight typically does it (=

  2. Love it! Your rocking it - and your hair looks beautiful as usual! Happy New Year, Kira x

    1. omgersh, thanks. I always thought you blog was so cute! <3

  3. Love your blog! For this style how do you preserve it at night and how do you re-moisturize it? I just tried this for the first time on NYE and I def need to perfect it :-)

    1. Sorry, meant to leave this comment on the heatless blowout post :-/

    2. its okies! I usually do a style to it, even if its a couple twists. But if you want to keep it straight for the most part id do two big loose twists, spray and seal ends and pin the twists at the top of your head then pick it out in the morning. The cantu and oil usually keeps my hair moisturized for awhile, after that i'll do another style so will dampen my hair with a spray bottle and use cantus moisturizer and whatever oil and twist it up. (=. I can usually keep it three weeks.

  4. Wow! Very pretty :) I love this style. It really puts some 'umph' and 'zing' in a regular twist out set.


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