Wednesday, August 19, 2015

July Favs ^_^

Hey hunnibees!
Since July is well over I thought i'd put up a couple of my recent favs :D, i'll try to do this more often since I have at least one a month.

I have been using these products long enough to give them my stamp of approval and wanted to share them with you all!
First i'll start off with Blistex Lip Vibrance:
I really liked this lip balm, i'm not huge on lip gloss so I try to get a nice lip balm for day to day activities. I picked this one because of the sheer tint and spf factor and it was only $3. It smells like cherry and has a fine glitter, but not gritty at all like other balms that contain them. Also, the tube has a mirror on the top of the balm, awesome (=
Freeman's Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Enzyme Facial Mask:
I got this mask along with others when  Freeman was having an awesome sale, this is one of my fav's out of the bunch. At the moment it retails for $4-5. It has pineapple extract and AHA's that leave your skin radiant and soft. I love this every couple of days to help me even out, works great for post acne scars.Great ingredients, actual results, low price!
Dermablend Cover Creme:
This was a birthday gift, I had always wanted to try it but it was a bit out of my price range since I typically am used to bb creams. It retails for around $38 and is SPF 30. I was confused by the size at first but already knew of how amazing the brand is. I haven't even put a dent in this stuff! The coverage is great and I recommend it for post acne scar coverage. If you have oily skin, like I, use a powder after or mattifying primer. It works great but definitely make sure you wash your face well afterwords. 
Last, but definitely not least...
Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil Grow & Restore Leave in Conditioner:
Well..*Takes Breath* this leave in right here...this leave my L.I.C holy grail! It retails for $11, I do hauls of Shea Moisture products when they are BOGO and i'm usually fine until the next one occurs. This is my favorite leave in conditioner since I've been natural. It works so well with moisturizing and the slip is over 9000! I use it on soaking wet hair and its just..its love in a tub. The only negative is the scent, but its light and goes away. I also have the mask and will do a solo review on that item, if not it'll end up in my August fav list im sure!

 That's all till next time!

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