Saturday, January 4, 2014

Whats The Best Time For Wearing a Sweater?

I never post OOTDs on my blog, but I decided to start..
Hopefully I can get in one a week? I need to purchase a larger quantity of shoes since i'm a converse lover.
Anyways on to yesterdays ootd!

  Here's the outfit on its own

Bart Simpson Sweater-She Inside
Boots- Guess

Here's the outfit on me, had to take a quick pic since it was freezing outside


  1. Love the bart simpson sweater. You wear it so well!

    May from La Vie En May

  2. Hunni you look fierce girl!! Love the sweater, you look great! You should do more OOTDs <3

    1. aww thanks Cristiii or would you rather me call you faerie? (=
      I'm going to try! (= <3

    2. Which ever one you like best, my little Hunnibee <3
      Whatever you call me is okay with me :)

  3. [ Smiles] Well, you've got your Winter fashion all covered; lovely sweater!


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