Monday, January 20, 2014

Mail Timeeeee: What Came in this week?(1/13-1/19)

As a great man once said
 "Here's the mail that never fails!
It makes me wanna wag my tail!
When it comes I wanna wail...

Yes, this is how I always feel when I get mail (=
so, lets see what we got here!

First I opened earlier this week was a package from People Style Watch,
I found this funny because I was waiting on my full size sample of Clean and Clears product for eons and just gave up on it. But,they sent a ring for forgiveness- And I was just saying I need some gold accessories!

Second I saw this lovely box
How could I not love this box? Im Hunniiii! haha
If you don't know of this logo it is the logo of BzzAgent, another site where you get free product and review it and give your honest opinions in exchange. If you'd like to join comment below and i'll shot you an email (=

What is in this box you may ask?
A cute hydro silk shaver for sensitive skin! It even comes with the holder to attach to the shower Ohhh. :O
Also plenty of coupons and even a coupon for free shaving cream Ahhh. I've tried the regular Hydro Silk before and loved it! The handle is definitely amazing and this will work great with my skin. Can't wait to try this version out (=


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