Thursday, October 8, 2015

How I maintain my wand curls

Hey hunnies!
This is my second time having wand curls as a style and my first time doing it myself. The first time my sister did them and I fell in love but I try to not use direct heat much other than in the fall..and guess what time it is?! No, not adventure time..silly. Fall, one of he best seasons for heat styles on natural hair- not typically hot, humid, wet or too cold.

I used a Conair You Curl Curling wand to achieve my wand curls, I believe its the XL version (=. This goes up to 400 degrees and I have course thick hair, so yes, I do use that setting *gasp*! To start this style you can either stretch your hair by twisting it, braiding it or using no heat/ low heat blowouts (which I actually have a post on). You then take your favorite heat protectant, mine is IC straightening serum in the red bottle. A lot of naturals have a problem with cones but they are great at protecting your hair from heat, just make sure you clarify after or you'll get a cast of build up - ew!

Then, clip your hair up and do wand curls in small/medium sections. I get tighter towards the top half of my hair so it creates a nice looking layered fall effect to my hair. To maintain this you want to get a good oil that wont effect your hair by making it sticky or any other negative effects through the timeyour going to have the style. I kept this style for 3 weeks and still got asked or complimented about it on the last daysI believe I maintained it well. 

The oil I used was Leven Rose's Jojoba Oil. Jojoba oil has many great benefits for skin and hair.
While i've used this on my skin as a moisturizer, this is focused on my use on my hair. 

Jojoba oil

*penetrates the hair follicle
*adds elasticity and softness
*assists with hair growth

I definitely loved using this for my hair because I didn't get build up. My hair wasn't weighed down but was still shiny, bouncy, and soft. 

Jojoba oil is definitely a fav now! What's your favorite weightless oil?


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