Friday, March 21, 2014

Update (=

Hey guys!
I've figured that i'll do a post every week or twice every week, but definitely going to see more from me (=
I've been busy with schoolwork but doing well so far and can't believe the semester is already halfway through.
I recently straightened my hair and love it.

I've been relaxer free for 2 years and chopped off my relaxed ends in June 
Can't wait to make a comparison picture this June (my birthday month, gemini's FTW :D)

I've received plenty of samples but trying to decide whether or not i'm going to put them on my FB page or Instagram account instead of here.

Also wondering if I should make more personal posts and hair posts?
Till next time!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: BA★STAR Makeup!

Hey hunnibees!
It's been a while, eh?
School and such!

Anywho's on to the good stuff!

The awesomeness known as Brandbacker gave me the opportunity to review an eyeshadow palette by BASTAR Pro Makeup! ***I received this palette from BASTAR Pro Makeup free of charge in return for my honest review***

BrandBacker is another W.O.M site, but I'm still new. This is my first campaign with them and I was super excited.<3 I had already seen BASTAR Makeup before so was excited, I had seen reviews on their red lip pencil and it looked aBA STAR Pro Makeup!mazing so I couldn't wait to try their eyeshadow!
I received their spicy natural palette which had many pretty colors
shimmery beige, copper, brown,purple and yellow
This second pic is their primer, which was awesome! It wasn't sticky and didn't feel tacky like some eye primers.

My favorite colors in the pallete were the purple and yellow, super pretty and looked great against my skin tone (:. 
As for the brush I used the fanned brush to apply all over the lid and the other side for inner creases and creasing.

I highly recommend the palettes (especially the super cute tropical one, ughhh want!), cute colors for a great price($8.75!) 

I didn't get great pics of the makeup on me because of lighting, but i'll add some to this post later on, or do a mini tutorial <3

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