Friday, March 21, 2014

Update (=

Hey guys!
I've figured that i'll do a post every week or twice every week, but definitely going to see more from me (=
I've been busy with schoolwork but doing well so far and can't believe the semester is already halfway through.
I recently straightened my hair and love it.

I've been relaxer free for 2 years and chopped off my relaxed ends in June 
Can't wait to make a comparison picture this June (my birthday month, gemini's FTW :D)

I've received plenty of samples but trying to decide whether or not i'm going to put them on my FB page or Instagram account instead of here.

Also wondering if I should make more personal posts and hair posts?
Till next time!


  1. fellow Gemini :)... your hair looks great, love it

    1. geminis are the best!lol and thanks zim! (=

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