Tuesday, October 1, 2013

September Samples and Freebies (:

Im going to try to list all of my freebies along with pictures this month, but i've already used alot of them so these are about half of the ones I recieved.

Free samples (:
Free samples (:
Free samples (:
Free samples (:
Free samples (:
1.) I'm interested to see how these work, I haven't opened any to try yet but hopefully its enough so I can try it on a section of my hair (:
2.) OMG!! I love herbal essences so I was so excited when I heard that they had a body wash coming out!
I had to smell it once it came in and must I say it smells amazing, cant wait to try it tomorrow morning in the shower.
3.) L'oreal Smooth Intense this is a nice sized sample with shampoo,conditioner and a straightening cream
I plan to use this whenever I straighten my hair next and if it goes well ill give a review (=
4.) TRESemme Platinum Strength- contained shampoo and conditioner not sure when ill use it, probably will be a time when I straighten my hair as well. I like the tresemme naturals line so hopefully this is as gentle.
5.) Now,this, is my favorite sample ever!
I received this for free from Smiley360, they have a BIC promotion going on and may I say these markers are amazing! I love drawing but usually don't add color unless im painting, these gave a nice effect and I would definitely purchase these on my own :D.

Some quick art i've made with them

Untitled Untitled Untitled 

If you'd like information on where I get my free samples or a referral link for sites like Smiley360 drop a comment!
That's all till next time ^___^


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