Thursday, September 11, 2014

10 for $10 Haircare

I am definitely a budget conscious person, so all of my products aren't one's over 10, actually half or more of the products I loooove- are under $10. This is going to be a new series of blog entries, I thought it would be perfect to start with hair products. So let's go!
(Pics and Info after the jump (: )

1.) Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Repairing Cream ( $5.97, Walmart) is my go to leave in, I use it for my twist outs and other styles. This product when used correctly is very moisturizing, make sure to use it on wet hair!

2.) Wide Tooth Comb ( $2.69, Target). Every natural needs a wide tooth comb, it makes detangling go smoother and is safer for the hair than smaller combs and brushes. 

3.) JBCO ( $6.65, Ebay) This really is a miracle for edges and thickening. I applied this while wearing a protective style and my edges came out looking like a line up! lol I will definitely be returning to this product.

4.) ORS Replenishing Conditioner ( $7.34, Walmart) is a great protein conditioner and smells amazing too! 

5.) Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Moist ( $3.99, Walgreens). I looooove this, makes my hair feel like butter..I use this longer than 3 minutes though x).

6.) Shea Moisture Reconstructive Elixir ( $9.79, Target) is amazing for smoothing, I love this especially after I use heat on my hair, also this smells uhmazing.

7.) Lisa Rachel Conditioner&Cleanser for Curly Hair ( This can typically be found at Ross or Marshall's for $6.99 or less on lucky days.) This is good for a basic cowash, worked better on my sister's here so I can assume better for finer hair. 

8.) Tresemme Naturals Nourishing Moisture Conditioner ($4.99, Target) is a fav among many and for good reasons, hypoallergenic, not tested on animals, silicone free. The formula has changed but it still provides slip.

9.) Shea Butter (Depends on size) is hands down amazing, as you know from my previous post, there are so many different  uses that its worth the price.

10.) VO5 Moisture Milks (84c, Safeway, CVS,etc) has always been the cheapest favorite, highly recommended across the board, great slip, smells yummy and must I remind you about the price?

What are your favs from the list? If your fav under $10 isn't here then what do you use? 


  1. Haha #1 is a fav of mine. I use it on wet or dry hair o.o then again I'm so damn unconventional lol. My other go-tos would have to be Dark&Lovely Au Naturale Shampoo, conditioner, and hair mousse. Oh and their root-to-tip mender thing. All under $10 lol [I think everything is 9.99]

    1. Yesss team cantu x). Omg really? Lucky! Hmm I've been wondering about their line maybe I'll check it out (= Thanks!

  2. I'm pro Cantu! The leave in is the truth :) I also use JBCO and V05 (for co washing). It really doesn't take $24 products to have awesome and healthy hair. Oh yes, I claim frugality lol Great article!

    1. Yessss lol, its awesome! I definitely agree, there are plenty of great products that are inexpensive (:. *dances* Team frugal lol thanks love!


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