Thursday, February 6, 2014

Mail Timeeee

As a great man once said
 "Here's the mail that never fails!
It makes me wanna wag my tail!
When it comes I wanna wail...

Yes, this is how I always feel when I get mail (=
so, lets see what we got here!

I think i'm going to make this a biweekly post? I sometimes forget to take a picture of what I received and use it before the post. But i'll try to wait (=
This post is for the end of January- I know, i'm late!

First is this Redken Perfect Blowdry Kit (=
I was excited and plan to use some of these products for whenever I choose to straighten my curly locks again
The kit included:
All Soft Shampoo and Conditioner
Satinwear Blow Dry Lotion
Outshine Anti Frizz Polishing Milk
Control Addict Hairspray
I'm most excited about the Outshine and Satinwear, hopefully it works well on my hair<3
Second is this beginner regimen kit from I've always wanted to try these products but it's hard shelling out money when you don't know if it'll work for you. 
I'll make a post when i'm finished with the kit- I'm stretching it soooo, it'll probably be 3 weeks.

Lastly is the most recent Pinch Me box I received in mid/late January
I loved the Montagne Jeunesse strawberry
I squeezed three uses out of this pack (=
and the smell was to die for!

Until next time!


  1. Haha I too shout "POST!!". I just wish more people would send me letters, it's so personal!
    With love Xx

    1. Isn't it lovely?lol
      I used to want a pen pal when I was younger but my mom didn't like the idea of it ):
      Thanks (=

  2. I love the products you highlighted in this post. I've never tried them before, but I don't think I will only because since I was a product junkie in the beginning I've found the products that actually work for growing and keeping my curls flowing.. Let me know how these products work out though, I'm always up for reading a great review.. Oh, and I love freebies as well.. ;)

    1. I only really try new stuff if its free and I can try it out to see if I like it, like cantus coconut curling cream which is pretty nice ^__^. What products do you like for your hair? You should blog! (=
      And yesss, freebies are where its at-if its good I can buy it, if it sucks, oh well it was free! lol

    2. thanks for the reply. I love trying out freebies as well but I have to usually check the ingredients like alcohols and things that will strip my hair of any moisture. Product lines I use are Shea Moisture, Carol's Daughter, As I Am Naturally (sold in walgreens only) and Argan (Moroccan) Organix. I do blog sweetie and get paid to do so. Here's my link:

    3. I've been wanting to try As I am..and the monoi form Carol's daughter feels and smells awesome but I have to wait for a sale >.<. I'll have to try the argan, I love the coconut though!
      Ohhh awesome!! I hope I get there one day! (:

  3. Those mask packs are my favorite! Hey, congrats on all the freebies! That's so awesome.

    Check out my blog maybe? :)

    1. Thanks and I did hun, nice blog (= great ootds! I left you a comment ^_^


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