Friday, December 13, 2013

Frugal Friday: What I Bought for $45

How much can you really get in this world for less than $50?
The world is filled with so many expensive things that this amount is not seen as much these days.
I am a very budget wise person and try to only buy stuff I want and only buy it on sale (=

So i'll start from smallest items I purchased and move to the largest 

I love creepy cute stuff and lost my old skeleton hands in the move so decided to get replacements and also bones for when I do buns, sadly I lost my other bones-Oh well! (= I'll find it once I clean.

Aztec Secret-Indian Healing Clay
I would see this used for so many different things, face masks, body masks and even hair masks so I had to get this. It is a bargain considering that when you buy a mask mixed with betonite clay its 7 dollars or more for a small amount.
I've loved this so far, it makes my face rosy and velvety soft. I plan on looking up mask recipes that involve clay and making them (=

Last but not least, my boots
I've always wanted a nice pair of boots >__<
Guess boots, sparkly ones, uh huh ^____^
These usually retail around $80 but I got it for around 1/4th of that price.

I also got new chargers for my iphone! So take that $4 plus out 

So I got all that with a little less than $45
I think that's great seeing as even on sale the latest I have seen is around $50!
How are your budgeting skills?


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